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The Journey To Perfect Coffee


Nasser Al-Naemi, and Maryam Al-Bader were exposed to the culture of coffee at a young age, and have long been intrigued by the international presence of coffee. They were brought together by their passion for coffee and wanted a hub for coffee lovers -like them- in Qatar. They researched and took courses, travelled and experienced a lot! Some good coffee, and some not so good… Till they decided to bring specialty coffee here in Qatar. Both are passionate about improving the quality of coffee in the region and encouraging coffee lovers in Qatar to pursue that better cup of coffee. From that passion, Flat White was born.



Nasser Al-Naemi and Maryam Al-Bader are the founders of Flat White Specialty Coffee, the first third-wave coffee shop in Qatar, Flat White Kitchen, and Honoroast Specialty Coffee Roasters. They both come from a legal background. Maryam worked as a Legal Counsel in Qatar Foundation and Hamad Bin Khalifa University for eight years before she decided to leave her daily job to focus on the day-to-day operation of Flat White and the Roastery. Nasser is a full-time employee at Qatar Foundation; however, as a co-founder, he is fully committed to the strategic management side of the business. Their passion is driven by their beliefe in the power of coffee to connect, empower, and inspire people. After studying the local market and getting certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), they both decided to bridge the gap between the Qatari and International coffee market and open their coffee shop, with the vision to be one of the best in the world. Flat White has been ranked and recognized several times in the international press as one of the top cafes in the world.


Drinking coffee is an international culture and a shared love for all humans. We believe in diversity and bringing different cultures in one place. Flat White team members are from all over the world, and our baristas are highly trained professionals, experienced, and qualified. It’s our mission and passion to prepare an excellent espresso-based drink and brew tasty coffee, using only the highest quality of equipment and ingredients to deliver a noticeably superior product.